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The Time is Now for Integral Marketing

Integral theory embodies “comprehensive (holistic) approaches to reality, a metatheory that attempts to explain how academic disciplines and every form of knowledge and experience fit together coherently.” Wikipedia

Think Your Business Doesn’t Need Social Media? You May Want to Rethink That.

“My customers don’t use it.” “It doesn’t apply to our business.” “It’s not measurable.” These are just a few of the reasons some companies feel that social media is irrelevant to their business.

Valentine’s Day: How “Tweet” It Is…

As the 2nd largest retailing event of the year, Valentine’s Day is certainly big business. It also happens to be one of Twitter’s busiest days.

Feminine STEM role models failing in chemistry

While The New York Times spotlights well-dressed women in the technology sector, the latest research reveals that the combination of femininity and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers seem unattainable to young girls.

From Mashable.com: How Men and Women Use the Social Web

It’s the rivalry that never gets old: Boys against Girls! We can’t help dividing ourselves along gender lines because we go about things so differently. One example of that is how we interact on the social web.

Lies In Your Smile Uncovered by Computer

“Beware of your smile: it may betray you.”

Makes Sense: Small Biz Owners Prefer Mobile Devices

It makes a lot of sense that small business owners prefer to be reached on and rely heavily on mobile devices. So wouldn’t it follow that vendors make their content easily consumed on these devices?

The End of Coal as We Know It?

With the current regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for stricter limitations on greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired plants, high coal-producing states are concerned for the future of the industry.

Facetime your doc? More than 70% of people say they would interact with doctors online

“Healthcare professionals are among the last, if not the last, service providers to not use email to communicate with the people they serve, ” writer Joseph Kvedar points out in a recent Wall Street Journal feature.

10 Facts You May Not Know About Electric Cars

The Nov/Dec 2011 Energy Key Findings on saurageresearch.com reports that 42% of drivers have little knowledge about electric-only vehicles. Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 facts about electric cars to jump-start your knowledge base: